Vanderbilt Rubber Handbook, 14th Edition. R.T. Vanderbilt, Norwalk, CT (2010). Hardcover Book

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Vanderbilt Rubber Handbook, 14th Edition. R.T. Vanderbilt, Norwalk, CT (2010). Hardcover Book

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This new edition contains 46 chapters by expert authors well-known in the rubber industry, R.T. Vanderbilt said.


In addition to updated and revised chapters, this edition has new chapters on polymers, which were not discussed in previous editions.


We are pleased to present the fourteenth edition of The Vanderbilt Rubber Handbook. As with our earlier editions, the purpose of this Handbook is essentially the same - to continue a long-standing tradition of technical service to the rubber industry.


We believe that individuals entering the fields of specialized rubber applications will find this Handbook helpful for both general information and as a guide for rubber compounding and processing. This Handbook is also meant to serve as a reference source for the experienced compounder.


This edition is the first to use color, the primary intention being to assist the interpretation of data provided in charts and graphs. It contains a number of new chapters, along with timely updates in prior editions, written by individuals well-known and highly qualified in their respective areas of rubber technology. We extend our sincere appreciation to these authors and to their companies for their willingness to devote time and effort to this publication.


This manufacturer and distributor of industrial chemicals, polymers and minerals for the rubber and plastics industries introduces the first color edition of its handbook, which was initially published in 1920. Featuring color photographs and easy-to-read color charts and graphs, the handbook contains 46 chapters by expert authors. New chapters are also included on polymers. Book or CD formats are offered.

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