TRAA Australian Standards Manual 2015 Edition, Publisher: Tyre and Rim Association of Australia

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 TRAA Australian Standards Manual 2015 Edition, Publisher: Tyre and Rim Association of Australia


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The 2015 edition of the Tyre & Rim Association of Australia’s Standards Manual is now available and supersedes previous editions.


The Standards Manual are a necessary reference tool if you are:


Tyre manufacturersRim manufacturersTyre and Wheel retailersVehicle and implement manufacturersVehicle Service organisationTransport AuthorityGovernment BodyRoad and Traffic AuthorityFleet operatorAgricultural vehicle and machinery user


Contents of the Standards Manual for passenger, truck/bus, off the road, agricultural, industrial, and motor cycles include:


- All current dimensional specifications for standard rims

- Recommended tyre to rim combination

- General data, load and inflation tables

- Valve standardsInspection standards

- Supplementary standards


Australian Standard References for Vehicle and Vehicle Accessories Industries

The 2015 Standards Manual is a necessary reference for all tyre and wheel manufacturers and retailers, as well as vehicle and implement manufacturers, vehicle service organisations, transport authorities, government bodies, road and traffic authorities, fleet operators, agricultural vehicle and machinery users. Current Standards Manuals are a nominated standard for many Australian Design Rules (pertaining to the design and manufacture of automotive products) and State Transport and motor vehicle regulations.


Previous editions of the Manual are obsolete.


Revisions to the 2015 Tyre and Rim Assn Standards Manual


As usual the Manual has been revised to include the latest data available from Europe and America and which affects the Australian marketplace and operations. As there can sometimes be a differential in data for similar tyre ranges it is necessary that both be included in the Australian publication. Input from the Japanese equivalent (Japanese Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association) book are always considered as well.
A number of significant inclusions have been incorporated into the 2015 edition of the Standards Manual. This ensures the Manual reflects current world Standards and remains an invaluable tool for those involved with tyres and in the tyre industry.


Foremost of these involves the Passenger Car section. The current proliferation of sizes in the Ultra Low Profile ranges has prompted in a survey of just what is coming into the country in these ranges. This has resulted in over 50 new sizes in 45, 40, 35 and 30 Series being introduced. Included in this is the introduction of 25 Series tyres for the first time.


The Metric Radial Light truck range continues to expand as it has over the preceding few years, with a number of new popular sizes included.
A similar expansion continues in the Agricultural Section with additional Metric Radial Drive Tyres introduced. Also the range of "IF" – High Flexion – drive tyres has been expanded as more of these are coming into service.


The range of Utility and Garden Tractor in the Industrial Section increases every year. 2015 is no exception with new sizes being included, most at the larger end of this range.


The Manual is a Nominated Standard in the Australian Design Rules for vehicles and is also used as the legal reference document by government, police and other regulatory bodies.


As it is the "Bible" of the industry with respect to technical data, it is invaluable for tyre stores, tyre wholesale companies and those involved with the application, performance and maintenance of tyres in the field.

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