T H Hill Standard DS-1 Fourth Edition / 2012 / 4 volumes set

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 T H Hill Standard DS-1 Fourth Edition / 2012 / 4 volumes set

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T H Hill Standard DS-1 Fourth Edition / 2012 / 4 Volumes set


DS-1 Volume 1 – Drilling Tubular Product Specification Quantity 

DS-1 Volume 2 – Drill Stem Design & Operation Quantity 

DS-1 Volume 3 – Drill Stem Inspection Quantity 

DS-1 Volume 4 – Drilling Specialty Tools

Deeper water. Higher temperatures and pressures. Greater well depths. Critical drilling operations push the limits of available equipment which places you closer to the edge of structural failure. With more than 50 technical papers and articles, four global standards, and numerous technological innovations to our credit, we have demonstrated our commitment to advancing industry design and standardization approaches. We have taken this leadership role in innovation so we can offer the best solutions to your most critical structural issues. And you can push the limits with a little more peace of mind.
A lot has changed in our industry since we introduced the first edition of DS-1 in 1992. Drilling technology has advanced dramatically in twenty years, and to keep pace with this change T H Hill has continually updated Standard DS-1. The initial one volume of the first edition has evolved into the four volumes of Fourth Edition, covering drill string manufacture, design, inspection and specialty tools. Additionally, DS-1 has achieved global acceptance, as evidenced by its use in more than 60 countries and the incredible growth of the sponsor group.


What are the major enhancementsforDS‐1® Fourth Edition compared to Third Edition?

Volume 1:- Align DS‐1® Standard Level requirements with API Specifications 7‐1 and 7‐2 including additionof HWDP and stabilizers.- Add section on hardbanding includingmaterialselection, geometry and application.- Add new NWDP and TWDP.


Volume 2:- Incorporate Connection Fatigue Index (“CFI”; reference IADC/SPE Paper 112105) for drill collarconnection selection based on relative fatigue performance.- Add section on Landing StringDesign.- Add dimensional and load capacitiesfor new NWDP, TWDP and proprietary connections.


Volume 3:- Add procedures cover hardbanding (re‐application and inspection) and tool joint build up.- Expand dimensional and visual inspection procedures for new proprietary connections.- Move seven procedures covering Specialty Tools to Volume 4.


Volume 4:- Add Volume 4 toDS‐1® to addressthe unique requirementsfor qualification ofspecialty tools.- Incorporate STC‐1™ and portions of DS‐1® Third Edition Volume 3 to establish requirements fordesign, inspection, assembly,function testing,shipment and use ofspecialty tools.- Provide requirements for qualification of selected tool families.


DS-1 Volume 1 – Drilling Tubular Product Specification Quantity

An easy to use manufacturing specification for drilling tubular products.
A global manufacturing standard must be comprehensive, technically sound and easy to use for both buyer and producer. In Volume 1 of DS-1® Fourth Edition, we worked with manufacturers, buyers, and users of drilling tubular products to create such a standard. The Drilling Tubular Product Specification is Volume 1 of DS-1 Fourth Edition, and offers a standardized approach to the manufacturing process.

Features of the Manufacturing Standard:
Establishes requirements for two service levels: Normal and CriticalAligns DS-1 Standard Level requirements with API Specifications 7-1, 7-2, and 5DP including addition of HWDP and stabilizersAdds new section on hardbanding including geometry and applicationPresents all manufacturing, dimensional and metallurgical requirements in tabular formatCovers drill pipe, HWDP, subs, stabilizers, drill collars and pup jointsAddresses the requirements for higher grade drill pipe (DS-140 and DS-150)Includes a special category for thick-wall drill pipe used for landing stringsProcedures for non-destructive testing of components not addressed by APINew section on purchasing (receiving) inspectionEntire volume structured for ease of use

DS-1 Volume 2 – Drill Stem Design & Operation Quantity 


A revolutionary standard for drill string design and operation.
What if you could dramatically increase the fatigue life of your drill string merely by following structured design criteria? With the DS-1® Fourth Edition Design volume, you can. Years of research have culminated in a ground-breaking approach to drill string design that maximizes fatigue mitigation while delivering an optimal overall design. This innovative technology can only be found in Standard DS-1 Drill Stem Design and Operation, Volume 2 of our Fourth Edition

The Standard in Design Includes:
Innovative fatigue mitigation design methods (Connection Fatigue Index, Curvature Index and Stability Index)Risk-based design groups for overload preventionRisk-based design groups for fatigue mitigationNew drill pipe sizes and gradesDimensional and load capacities for new NWDP, TWDP and proprietary connectionsSlip-cut severity and the impact on fatigueMethods for corrosion monitoringExpanded coverage for slip crushing issuesNew section on Landing String DesignConsiderations for reactive torque and casing wearInstructions for specifying an appropriate inspectionNew section on hardbanding including material selection, geometry and application

DS-1 Volume 3 – Drill Stem Inspection Quantity 

A volume dedicated to inspection.
In the past decades, DS-1® has become the global standard for inspection by offering comprehensive procedural detail, an easy to use inspection specification system and timely technical updates. The Fourth Edition carries on this tradition and expands coverage.

Content Includes:
New procedures for heat checking,  pup joint inspection, hardbanding, tool joint build up, wet visible contrast method, phosphating new connections, demagnetization, and marking for inspected componentsExpanded dimensional and visual inspection procedures for new proprietary connectionsInspection tables supplemented with new pipe sizes, weights, and gradesInspection criteria for thick-wall drill pipe, HWDP and drill collarsCoverage of DS-140 and DS-150 grade drill pipeManufacturer-specific connection inspection criteriaExpansion of MUT tablesReference photographs for internal plastic coating evaluationProcedure for full length UT inspection of drill pipe tubesHeavy duty landing string inspection category

DS-1 Volume 4 – Drilling Specialty Tools


A new specification for drilling specialty tools.
As well complexity increases, so do the demands placed on drilling specialty tools to perform. The new Volume 4 of the Standard DS-1® Fourth Edition, Drilling Specialty Tools, establishes requirements for specialty tools that will allow them to meet these demands and decrease the probability that they will fail in service, either functionally or structurally. Our objective is to reduce NPT and the costs associated with specialty tool failures.

Highlights of the New Drilling Specialty Tool Standard:
Incorporates STC-1 and Standard DS-1 inspection procedures to address qualification of drilling specialty toolsSpecifies requirements for select tool familiesEstablishes process for inspection, assembly and testingCovers design limits and constraintsProvides return, repair, re-inspection, and restocking procedures

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