EEF UK Steel Specifications: 14th Edition, Published 28/03/2013, Print Edition

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EEF UK Steel Specifications: 14th Edition, Published 28/03/2013, Print Edition


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Steel Specifications 14th Edition is the essential reference tool for engineers, architects, designers and material scientists


All the latest steel standards - all in one place

With 64 of the principal standards updated, and 32 new standards added since the last edition was published, it contains the information you need for specifying, procuring or supplying steel.

Published by UK Steel, this comprehensive catalogue is cross-referenced by application, property and supplier and includes:


  • The data you need with notes providing qualification and explanation plus an index to help you find steel grade standards.
  • The chemical and mechanical composition as well as the physical properties of British/European standard steels and most of the popular US steel standards.
  • Essential contact details of UK Steel producers and organisations which can provide advice on “equivalents” and on steel usage in particular applications.
  • Helpful and easy-to-follow information on steel designation systems and the steel standards process.

 Bulk discount of 10% available on the above price on orders of 10 copies or more. 

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