Drilling Data Handbook (Green Book) 9th Edition, 2014, Jean-Paul Nguyen, Gilles Gabolde, ISBN: 978-2710809715, Paperback, Editions Technip

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Drilling Data Handbook (Green Book) 9th Edition, 2014, Jean-Paul Nguyen, Gilles Gabolde, ISBN: 978-2710809715,  Paperback, Editions Technip


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Product Details

Paperback: 576 pages

Publisher: Editions Technip; 9 edition (January 1, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 2710809710

ISBN-13: 978-2710809715

Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 5.4 x 0.9 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds




The first edition of the Drilling Data Handbook was published in 1950.


Over the more than six following decades the book has been constantly improved, adding lots of new technologies and equipment over the course of its eight updated editions.


But its key principle is to remain familiar and friendly to users.


Its philosophy has always been to give quick access to the basic information or calculations for the office or field operations. That is why our primary goal is to select and highlight the most important data, charts and formulas. The Drilling Data Handbook combines international and field units for the benefit of a majority of industry professionals from different technical cultures.


The success of past editions, along with the continued demand for updated information, have encouraged us to publish this new paper edition. A large number of field personnel have confirmed that they do use the Drilling Data Handbook as their primary reference, now in combination with electronic documents and the internet. This edition refreshes and updates data and references from the eighth edition, and also provides even more information.


We hope that you will enjoy the ninth edition, our finest ever.

Gilles GABOLDE and Jean-Paul NGUYEN




A. General data.

B. Drill string standards.

C. Casing, tubing, coiled tubing standards.

D. Capacities and annular volumes.

E. Drilling bits and downhole motors.

F. Hoisting and derrick floor equipment.

G. Pumping and pressure losses.

H. Drilling mud. I. Cementing.

J. Directional drilling.

K. Kick control, fishing.

L. Wellheads.

M. Geology.





- "This is a small, strongly-bound, user-friendly compendium packed with useful information for those involved in drilling. The paging is notched and externally labelled alphabetically to allow quick access. It represents a big advance on the previous edition"(AMF Alert, April 2000)

- "Useful information which might not be easily available on all rigs includes data on mechanical properties of large diameter pipes (risers and conductors), rig hoisting equipment, drilling turbines, positive displacement mud motors and hydraulic pressure drop calculations. There are useful tables comparing cement additives from various vendors. Comprehensive tables on hubs, flanges and BOP (blow out preventer) operating parameters are also included. (...) Overall, this useful book is aimed at operations using SI units. It is less useful for operations using Imperial (Oilfield) units, though extensive conversion factors are given.(International Mining & Minerals, volume 2, n°22, October 1999)v

- "La nuova edizione del Drilling Data Handbook era necessaria per riflettere i cambiamenti che vi sono stati nelle tecniche di perforazione nel corso degli ultimi dieci anni. Nuove specifiche e raccomandazioni sono state pubblicate dall'American Petroleum Institute. Inoltre, i produttori hanno anche migliorato i loro prodotti. In particolare sono stati fatti notevoli progressi nei seguenti campi;

- gli spostamenti orizzontali hanno raggiunto distanze fino a 10 km nella perforazione direzionale e orizzontale, con l'utilizzo di apparecchiature di perforazione più complesse;

- unità del tipo "coiled" vengono utilizzate sistematicamente, occasionalmente anche nella foratura;

- sono stati modificati i valori degli Used Bit Dull Gradin System Format and Codes dell'IADC;

- sono comparsi nuove dimensioni e pesi (foratura HP-HT);

- gli equipaggiamenti di controllo sono stati modificati per tenere conto delle necessità della foratura off-shore.

Il libro mantiene il suo tipico formato paperback con copertina plastificata flessibile, di pratico utilizzo"

(Il Progettista Industriale, Ottobre 1999)

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