AATCC Technical Manual, 2017, ISBN: 9781942323105, Hardbound, Print Edition, Nonmember

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AATCC Technical Manual, 2017, ISBN: 9781942323105, Hardbound, Print Edition, Nonmember


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The AATCC Technical Manual is a compilation of test methods, evaluation procedures, and monographs developed by AATCC Research Committees. The 2017 volume includes two new test methods, several significantly revised methods, and numerous editorial revisions to align with current conditioning and laundering standards. 


There are two new methods in the AATCC’s 2017 Technical Manual:


• Test Method (TM) 205-2016, Carpet: Liquid Penetration by Spillage is used to evaluate the propensity of the face and back of carpets to be penetrated by a spilled liquid.

• TM206-2016, Free and Hydrolyzed Formaldehyde, Determination of Water Extraction Method provides a water extraction process and a subsequent colorimetric analysis of the amount of free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde extracted.


There are seven revised methods and two revised evaluation procedures (EP) appearing for the first time in the 2017 volume, as follows:


• TM6-2016, Colorfastness to Acids and Alkalis

• TM8-2016, Colorfastness to Crocking: Crockmeter Method

• TM114-2016, Chlorine, Retained; Tensile Loss: Multiple Sample Method

• TM134-2016, Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets

• TM142-2016, Appearance of Flocked Fabric after Repeated Home Laundering and/or Coin-Op Drycleaning

• TM157-2016, Colorfastness to Solvent Spotting: Perchloroethylene

• TM203-2016, Light Blocking Effect of Textiles: Spectrophotometric Method

• EP6-2016, Instrumental Color Measurement

• EP11-2016, Spectrophotometer UV Energy Calibration Procedure for Optically Brightened Textiles.


Monograph (M) 6-2016, Standardization of Home Laundry Test Conditions was also significantly revised to update the status of pre-programmed AATCC wash cycles (keydance) and other technology. Tables were reorganized for clarity and a care label temperature column was added to several tables for reference only.


A new topical index makes it easier to find test methods. New categories include Carpet Testing, Laundering and Drycleaning Properties, Moisture Management, Other Properties, Water and Weather Resistance Properties, and Wet Processing Properties.


Editorial revisions were made to correct or clarify tolerances, figures, and sources in several methods:


• TM196-2013, Colorfastness to Sodium Hypochlorite of a Textile Floor Covering

• TM200-2016, Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Floor Method

• TM204-2015, Water Vapor Transmission of Textiles


Editorial changes to 54 additional methods and evaluation procedures clarify standard laundering conditions and/or align standard temperature and relative humidity conditions with those in the current version of ASTM D1776.


AATCC is known worldwide for its test methods and evaluation procedures, particularly those related to chemistry, colorfastness, laundering, moisture management, and water resistance. Each document is reviewed and approved by a committee of industry experts before publication. All are welcome to participate in the committees. Varied perspectives are valued and every submitted comment is considered in the development or revision of a method. AATCC believes this consensus approach creates the best, most robust test methods to serve a diverse modern textile industry.


As always, the 2017 volume of the AATCC Technical Manual contains all 150+ current AATCC test methods, evaluation procedures, and monographs. The hard-bound black and gold book is a staple reference in many textile laboratories.

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